Advantages of sending your child to Montessori house of children:

  • Learning is activity based. The child learns by trial and error with specially designed materials that are self corrective, stimulating, challenging and gives a feeling of competency.
  • Individual learning takes place within the environment - Montessori recognizes that each child learns at a different pace and allows that growth to take place.
  • The children work for the joy of working and the sense of discovery - Children are natural leaders or "sponges" and delight in learning new tasks. Their interests lie in the work itself rather than in the end product.
  • Children are allowed to learn during periods of intense concentration-which are self chosen and spontaneous. During these periods, they are not even disturbed by the teacher. The teacher must pay attention to the child, rather than the child paying attention to the teacher.
  • The environment is "prepared" for the children - Everything in the room has a specific place on the shelf. Children are orderly by nature and having the room set this way allows them to grow in a very positive way.
  • The mixed age group of children helps a lot. Older children serve to motivate younger ones to complete lesser challenges faster and move on to higher challenges.